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Carys Craig

Junior Beauty Therapist

  • When did you start working at The Studio?

- May 2023

  • What is your favourite service to provide? 

​- My favourite service to provide is makeup because i’ve always been passionate about it and it really brings out my creative side.

  • What do you like most about working at The Studio?

- I love working at the studio because  everybody there is so lovely and so easy to get along with! I am also able to learn and provide a lot of different services to clients.

  • What are your career goals for the next 12 months?

- In the next 12 months I want to be trained in and offer as many different beauty services that I can! I would also like to grow my social media following so that I can promote my work to grow clientele.

  • What's your biggest industry achievement to date?

- As of right now my biggest industry achievement was being able to help my teacher Lyka at a wedding, assisting her with the makeup looks on the bridesmaids.

  • What's your life like outside the salon? 

- Outside of the salon I am studying an HNC at GlamCandy to gain a qualification in fashion makeup. I also enjoy spending my free time doing things with my friends and family such as shopping and other fun activities. 

Carys Craig: TeamMember
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