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Kelsey Grant

Self Employed Nail Technician

  • When did you start working at The Studio?

- 21st May 2022 🧡

  • What is your favourite service to provide?

- The only one I offer - Nails!!! All things nails and nail art 🧡💅🏻

  • What do you like the most about working at The Studio? 

- The fun loving, wonderful group of girls that work at The Studio. They are all so supportive and brighten my day when I am in 🧡

  • What are your career goals for the next 12 months? 

- To work hard and build up my customer base 🧡

  • What’s your biggest industry achievement to date?

- I have entered many competitions over my many years working as a nail technician but the one I am most proud of to date is coming 2nd place at the International Beauty Awards for my Box Nail Art Entry 🧡

  • What’s your life like outside of the salon?

- I live a simple but busy life. I am a carer and also a creator. I am also studying part time to become a counsellor. I love spending time with friends and family 🧡

Kelsey Grant: TeamMember
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