Sunbed Subscription

Sunbed Subscription

  • Unlimited sunbed usage in our Union Point branch. (No more than once in a 24hr period) 
  • Clients must use the beds in a safe manor
  • We have one lay down and one stand and tan
  • Simply turn up during our opening hours to use the beds, no booking required
  • We advise building up minutes slowly to tan safely 


Usual Sunbed Prices

Stand up bed

£3.50 3 mins

£5.50 6mins

£7.00 9 mins 

£8.00 12 mins

£8.50 15 mins


Lay Down Bed

£4.50 3 mins

£6.50 6 mins

£8.00 9 mins

£9.00 12 mins

£9.50 15 mins

    Price Options
    Sunbed Unlimited
    Free spray tan when you sign up
    £50.00every month until canceled