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Sammy Dey

Self Employed Beauty Therapist

  • When did you start working at The Studio?

- July 2020 

  • What is your favourite service to provide? 

- Brow Lamination - the difference it can make to peoples brows & entire faces is insane! From no brows to full brows in an hour! And also tooth gems - sparkly teeth… yes please!

  • What do you like the most about working at The Studio? 

- 100% how beautiful the salon is - I feel grateful every day I walk in! But also how amazing the team are. As someone who is self employed sometimes you can feel separate from the group however everyone at studio are so lovely and it’s a real team environment!

  • What are your career goals for the next 12 months? 

- I plan on concentrating on doing some more funky & bespoke tooth gem designs - cherries, rainbows, flowers! As well as secure some more pop up locations across Scotland & maybe further afield for tooth gems too! I’ve also just opened my diaries to new clients again as I have opened up some extra availability so I’m super excited to meet some new faces!

  • What’s your biggest industry achievement to date?

- My business surviving a global pandemic when I was only 6 months into self employment when it all kicked off! 

  • What’s your life like outside of the salon?

Honestly, amazing! I love going swimming and try to go at least once a week! I’m a sucker for a good cafe or garden centre with fine panini’s or baked tatties! I also love jumping in the car and going on adventures with my girlfriend and wee days out places! Basically, I’ve spent the last 6 months really working on a work vs life balance - it’s  taken a lot of time, huge amounts of boundary setting and personal growth but I’m finally in a place where I take time off during the week just for me, I have a dedicated day for admin and the running of the business as well as regular holidays! All the things that so many in business say you can’t do however I’ve proven this wrong and feeling incredibly grateful and proud of myself for it!

If you would be interested in becoming a client, whether that’s to completely transform your brows or just a wee tidy up, to lift your lashes so you don’t need to wear mascara for 6-8 weeks orrrrr get yourself a sparkly new smile with tooth gems - then I’d love to meet you!

Sammy Dey: TeamMember
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